Program Details


Leadership Texas is structured around six sessions held during the calendar year. The six-session courses are traditionally held in February, April, June, August, October, and December. Sessions are three and one-half days in length, beginning on Monday and concluding early Thursday afternoon. Each Leadership Texas session is held annually in Dallas.

In addition to issue education, Leadership Texas brings in national experts on the topic of leadership, communication, and demographics.

The tuition cost for Leadership Texas is $7500. Tuition does not include expenses associated with transportation to and from sessions and hotel accommodations. Depending on the locations of a particular session and participant, driving may be the most convenient and inexpensive mode of transportation. Otherwise, plane travel is the most practical option. Hotel room rates vary across the state, and the cost of hotel accommodations can be reduced by participants sharing one room.

Tuition and expenses may be paid by the participant, their employer, a sponsoring organization, other individuals, or any combination thereof.



Do I have to be nominated to apply for Leadership Texas? No. Any business owner, military member, or executive level employee who is interested in applying for Leadership Texas is welcome to do so.

What type of leadership experience do I need to have to be selected? While there is no specific leadership experience that is expected in order to be selected to participate in Leadership Texas, the program does look for those who have demonstrated leadership ability in their profession and/or community.

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