About Leadership Texas


Leadership Texas was created to bring together and elevate Texans who have already demonstrated their leadership ability in their profession, community or workplace.

Leadership Texas is a private, educational organization headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The organization develops programs and projects to advance and improve the personal, economic, and professional status of entrepreneurs and business executives.

By selecting individuals who are recognized as leaders, the Leadership Texas program focuses on enhancing their leadership skills and knowledge of the state, so they are prepared to seize greater leadership opportunities. Leadership Texas does not only seek to educate and inspire the individual leader. Participants also benefit from establishing relationships and becoming part of a network of entrepreneurs and business executives, not only during their program year but a statewide power network of Leadership Texas graduates.

The Leadership Texas Power Network brings together emerging leaders with accomplished leaders who can provide mentoring and guidance to those who seek to follow in their footsteps.

Leadership Texas Sessions are designed to show you:
Learn why the primary focus of all leadership is change.
And understand why change has always been the default state of success.

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